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Members of Weapon X in Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program v1 #1.

Weapon X is an organization that features in Marvel Comics.



Weapon X was one of the iterations of the Weapon Plus program that were responsible for creating living weapon. After World War II, Professor Thorton acquired the Journal of Nathan Essex that ignited his interest in Mutants. In this time, he was a scientist within Weapon Plus where he participated in numerous programs but never afforded advancement. This changed when Thorton was finally allowed to head his own program that became Weapon X where he was assisted by Dr. Abraham Cornelius and Dr. Carol Hines. After observing numerous Mutants, they decided to settle with their experiment on James Howlett. (Weapon X v2 #23)

During their research, Dr. John Sublime spearheaded the attempt at shutting down Weapon X over the lack of results from its experiments. This plan was opposed by Professor Thorton who decided to separate his program from the parent organization that was Weapon Plus. (Weapon X v2 #23)

Sublime would later approach former Weapon X security officer Malcolm Colcord and offered him the means of resurrecting Weapon X which was an offer he accepted. (Weapon X v2 #23) In time, the reborn Weapon X program would once more go rogue and declare war against Weapon Plus with agreement being broken, double crosses being made and assassinations being attempted. Weapon X would pack up their various operations and go underground during this shadow conflict between the two organizations. (Weapon X v2 #25)



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  • Weapon X was created by Barry Windsor-Smith where it made its first appearance Marvel Comics Presents v1 #72 (March 1991).

In other media


  • In Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the organization made an appearance in the episode "Behold... The Vision". Their secret base was attacked by the Vision whereby their guards attempted to repel the android but failed with him succeeding in stealing Weapon X's adamantium supply for Ultron.


  • In the animated Hulk Vs. movie, Weapon X made an appearance in the film as the primary antagonists. It was shown as being responsible for transforming Logan into Wolverine with the project being headed by Professor Andre Thorton. After Wolverine escaped, Thorton sought to continue his experiment in creating living weapons where he assembled Team X consisting of Omega Red, Sabretooth, Deadpool and Lady Deathstrike. Among their projects included seemingly creating clones of Wolverine. Their latest objective was capturing the rampaging Hulk with the Professor to use memory-implant to purge him of his mind to make him more controllable. Team X would succeed in capturing both the Hulk and Wolverine where Thorton intended to conduct his experiment but he was betrayed and wounded by Sabretooth who wanted to get revenge on Wolverine. Logan would manage to escape and he would free Bruce Banner where he made him angry forcing the transformation into the Hulk. Hulk would run rampant where he would defeat Team X and devastate the facility but not before Logan managed to escape it.
  • In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Weapon X Program was headed by Colonel William Stryker who sought to create super-soldiers from Mutants that were part of Team X strike group. Wolverine became inducted into the program after Stryker claimed that his lover Silver Fox was killed by his brother Victor Creed. At the Alkali Lake facility, they proceeded with the Adamantium bonding process on Wolverine's skeleton but Logan would escape the Weapon X base after overhearing that Stryker planned to erase his mind. Weapon X would send a number of their super powered agents such as Agent Zero to recapture Logan but failed. This was because Stryker intended to create a super-soldier that combined all the elements of Team X with this being Weapon XI that was the genetically altered Wade Wilson who combined the extracted powers of Mutants that included Agent Zero, Chris Bradley, John Wraith and Cyclops along with possessing Adamantium blades on his arms.

Video games

  • In X-Men: Legends, the organization was mentioned by Wolverine when he explained his origin story showcasing a flashback event. Logan was shown to had been captured by the organization where he was taken for their experiment at the Weapon X Facility. Once there, he had Adamantium placed within his body when Wolverine went on a rampage and broke through containment. The Director managed to escape deeper into the base whereupon Wolverine fought against the various soldiers guarding the facility. Among the soldiers in the base included melee armed Weapon X Security, rifle equipped Weapon X Guards and energy weapon equipped Weapon X Officers. Wolverine was shown to had defeated everyone in the Facility during his rampage with the Director screaming when Logan encountered him before he managed to escape.


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