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The Weed is a male cartoon supervillain that features in The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show.



The Weed was a male being who had become a plant-based life form with ambitions to rule the world. He had acquired the services of a pair of henchmen to help him in his schemes and was based at a laboratory in a castle at Lima in South America. Through unknown means, he had learnt the existence of the Atomic Cellular Regeneration Formula that resided at a university. He intended to use the formula as part of his scheme to take over the world and during night time he managed to sneak into the building. The Weed was confronted by a security guard who he easily locked away in a room before departing the building. With the formula in his hands, he made a threat to the world to acquiesce to his demands otherwise he intended to destroy it. Whilst on a cruise ship, the Weed intended to return to his base in South America as he was expecting the world to comply with his demands. It was then that he was confronted by Plastic Man where his henchmen initially attempted to dispose of the superhero but later the villains fled. They were on a boat that was pursued again by Plastic Man but the Weed used drops from the formula on algae that entangled the hero allowing the criminals to escape.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, the Weed was a humanoid being but with plant-like characteristics such as a skin that resembled bark and roots for digits.

Powers and abilities

From his seemingly plant nature, he was able to stretch his limbs across distances. This allowed him to extend his legs allowing him to make large steps or escape from being tied up. Similarly, he was able to stretch his arms allowing him to reach objects that were beyond a humans normal range. The Weed was also shown to be stronger than a normal human as he was able to effortlessly pick up a grown human with his arms.


  • The Weed was an original creation of The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show where he was voiced by actor John Stephenson.


  • The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show: "

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