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Xelandra is a female cartoon supervillain who features in Superman.



Xelandra was a female inhabitant of the planet Kyryn where she adopted the life of a criminal. Centuries ago, she took various eggs of her native Kyryni people with her on a vessel in an effort to conquer another world. This saw her arrive on Earth where she cocoon-like eggs morphed into the multilegged gigantic Kyryni where she and her fellow criminals intended to conquer the planet. This was until their activities were tracked by the interplanetary police who managed to capture the Kyryni with Captain Argan securing the captives. They intended to take the criminals to prison for trial but during their vessels departure it became struck by meteors forcing them to crash back on Earth. To survive, Captain J967 and Xelandra who was designated as Prisoner #Z475 were placed in suspended animation under the belief that they would awaken once their ship had survived. However, their vessel was damaged and its equipment failed to reanimate the crew leading to the pair being trapped in stasis for centuries.


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  • Xelandra was voiced by actor Susan Silo.
  • The character was an original creation of the Ruby-Spears Superman animated series.


  • Superman: "Fugitive from Space"

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