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YHWH is an entity that features in the Manga Angel Sanctuary.



YHWH was actually a collective consciousness from another existence who arrived in Earth's dimension in the distant past. Once there, he gave himself a name and created a world which he intended to rule according to his own design. With the elements from his own body, he forged his own planet that became known as Earth and created an unmatchable source of elements to serve as a source of power.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, YHWH had no true physical form but instead resided in the Tower of Etanmenanki as a giant computerized robot.

Ultimately, the entirety of Earth existence had been created to simply serve as a test to an equation he had created. Thus, he did not care for the suffering or injustice that was faced by either humans or angels.

Powers and abilities

He served as the highest layer on Heaven's Tablet and gained access to his source of power through Adam Kadamon.

Through the Access Records, YHWH controlled Heaven's Tablet that was a large database and mother computer. This machine was created to store information on every event and person through all of time. Despite its capabilities, it did not hold the power to grand wishes to its users. However, this system did allow its user to control the world, call upon miracles and control humans.


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