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Yuno Gasai is a female character that features in Future Diary.



Following her parents death, she continued to attend school with no one aware of the events that happened in her home and believed that both her mother along with her father were still alive. During this time, she attended class where she was asked to complete a survey about her dream of the future. Yuno struggled to complete the survey and noticed a fellow student being the only other one to remain in the class. This was Yukiteru Amano and approached him to ask him if he was having trouble with the survey as she similarly struggled with it. She incidentally read what Amano wrote where he wrote a single line that said that his parents were going through a divorce. Gasai commented that she was sorry to hear that and apologized for reading it but Amano did not mind. He explained that his dream was to go stargazing with his family as his father bought a telescope recently. Yuno offered that he could go with her as she had an observatory near her home and always wanted to go there. Yukiteru told her that it was not the same without his family to which Yuno told him that he was making it more complicated. She then wrote on his survey that the two of them could be a family if they were married. Amano simply smiled where he said that they would have to wait till they were older to which Gasai was very happy. This led to her developing a fixation on Yukiteru as she held him to be the love of her life and that the two would be married in the future based on that encounter.


Personality and attributes

Yandere face.

In appearance, she was a young girl with pink eyes and long pink hair styled in pigtails with these two hanging as frontal locks. These featured a pair of red bows and the back of the pigtails left bare. Typically, she wore a blue shirt with a ribbon on her chest and had high socks.

Yuno was described as being a very intelligent student and stood among the top in her class. She claimed that she was capable of doing two tasks at the same time and engaged in such activities to keep her brain active. On one occasion, she demonstrated the ability to think in the mindset of another such as she did with the thinking of the child prodigy Reisuke Houjou. In that state, she sat in a meditative pose and put her head to the ground as she attempted to discern where Fifth had hidden his Future Diary.

Following the death of her parents, her personality was shown to had changed somewhat that showcased her growing madness. She became quite lonely and sorrowful that led to her obsession with Yukiteru. Yuno began to talk to the dead bodies of her parents where she told them about her day and even told them that she had met a boy with her bringing Amano to them someday. After Akise moved their bodies, Gasai was shown to had become angry and believed that he had disturbed their sleep as well as woken them up. When she abducted Yukiteru, Yuno took the skulls of her parents with her at the abandoned hotel.

Her obsession with Yuki meant that she felt elated and happy whenever he praised her. During the battle with Seventh, she managed to deflect numerous thrown daggers with her own blade and after praise from Yukiteru she said she felt like she could do anything.

According to Akise, Gasai had a selective memory with her mind changing events within her mind in order to rationalize them. This came to the extent that she forgot people she had met before and sometimes saw them as threats. On another occasion, she forgot that she had invited Yuki to her home before and believed it was the first time he had come to her residence when Akise was there.

Powers and abilities

Her own Future Diary was the Yukiteru Diary that contained all her future writings about Yukiteru that were written in ten minute intervals. Yuno herself called it the diary of future love and reflected her personality in her obsession with Amano. In fact, she claimed that it would have been useless to her if it did not cover Yukiteru Amano's activities. Though by itself, her diary was essentially useless as it did not cover anything beyond Yukiteru, it proved to operate extremely well with Amando's Random Diary. This was because his diary included all his observations but not his own reactions whilst Gasai's diary included everything about Yukiteru. As such, it not only predicted Yukiteru's surroundings but also covered Yuno's weaknesses allowing them to operate well in synchronization with one another thus covering any individual weaknesses the two diaries had alone. Unknown to anyone, Yuno actually was in possession of two Future Diaries as she was from another timeline and thus held her original diary along with the 2nd world Gasai's diary as well. Both contained the same information but the destruction of the second diary did not kill her as it was linked to that world's timeline of Yuno.


  • Yuno Gasai was voiced by Japanese actor Tomosa Murata and English actor Brina Palencia in the dubbed series.
  • She was named after the Roman goddess Juno.
  • In 2013 poll by Biglobe, Yuno Gasai was voted to be the most popular Yandere character.[1]


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