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Z0-M31-E is a bioweapon that features in Iron Man: Armored Adventures.



Z0-M31-E was a bio-engineered weapon developed by Hammer Multinational at some point after Justin Hammer managed to secure a controlling interest in Stark International. With these new resources, Hammer began a period of developing weapons to sell for profit where he was aided by Fix 2.0. Among those that were created was this bio-engineered gas designed for use in chemical warfare where it became known as Z-Gas or Zombie Gas for its effects. This was during a time when Howard Stark had returned to public life following his escape from the captivity of the Mandarin. Justin Hammer tested the compound when he began targeting his various former henchmen after he was being blackmailed by an unknown party. He believed that one of his men or competitors were blackmailing him for billions of dollars and thus began to eliminate them one by one. Among those that suffered from Hammer's wrath was Count Nefaria who was suspected to being the blackmailer where he was exposed to the Z-Gas as part of a test phase. Nefaria was turned into a zombie though it was shown that he was not the blackmailer. Sasha believed the weapon was too dangerous as it could bring about a "zombie apocalypse". However, Justin Hammer dismissed such concerns as he intended to sell it to interested parties. With his life threatened, Killer Shrike made a deal with Matt Murdock to reveal the secrets of Hammer's criminal empire in exchange for a reduced sentence. Upon hearing this, Justin Hammer decided to drop a canister of the Z-Gas in order to eliminate the witness. As Titanium Man, he kidnapped Killer Shrike and after interrogating him he failed to confess any involvement in the blackmail plan. Thus, he was left within a canister where he was exposed to the Z-Gas and turned into a zombie that was defeated by Iron Man. After Fix 2.0 broadcast incriminating evidence to the world which led to Justin Hammer escaping in the Titanium Man armor though not before launching the Zom-Bomb. This was a spherical delivery system that had enough Z-Gas to turn half the populace of New York into zombies. Iron Man later used one of Hammer Multinational's incendiary bombs to destroy the zombie gas before it could infect the populace. Justin Hammer himself was defeated and fell back at his corporate headquarters where Fix 2.0 forced him into one of the containment chambers and exposed to the Z-Gas as revenge for the loss of his body. Despite Iron Man destroying Fix 2.0, Hammer was infected and turned into a zombie where it was decided to put him in a S.H.I.E.L.D. cell.


In appearance, the Z-Gas was dispersed as an air compound that resembled a green gas. Upon exposure, infected subjects that could include living beings were turned into mindless ravenous creatures. The bioweapon led to the mind of the infected being effectively brain dead as they instead became creatures consumed by hunger. Once transformed, the subjects attacked any living being and simply muttered the words "brains". It was believed that it would make the perfect weapon for use in populated areas as it could be used to turn inhabitants into zombie-like creatures that targeted non-infected beings and ate them.


  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures: "The Hammer Falls" (2012)

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