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ZeiraCorp is a company that features in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.



ZeiraCorp was a corporation that was founded sometime prior to the year 2000 where it was formed by a Scottish couple by the name of Catherine Weaver and her husband Lachlan Weaver. Since 2002, it and its founders had been heavily involved in reverse engineering Terminator technology. This advanced technology had been discovered at a commuter jet where Catherine Weaver's brother uncovered it during an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. During the study of the technology, the Weavers had expended around eighty million dollars in their effort to reverse engineer it. In 2005, the Weavers were onboard a helicopter when an accident caused it to crash that killed the pilot Lachlan Weaver along with his wife Catherine who was a passenger at the time. Unknown to anyone, a T-1001 Terminator had arrived from the future and took on Catherine Weaver's form making the world believe that she was the only survivor of the crash. Since that time, 'Catherine Weaver' than consolidated her authority over ZeiraCorp where over the next two years she managed to double their stock value.



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