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Zobek is a character who features in Castlevania.



Zobek (ゾベック Zobekku) was a male human born many years ago where he became a knight and warrior where alongside Carmilla and Cornell the three became the founders of the Brotherhood of Light. The three later came to ascend to Heaven where they left their darker sides behind in their bodies who became malevolent beings known as the Lords of Shadow. Zobek became known as the Lord of the Dead and headed the Necromancers who terrorised the lands. The three Lords formed an uneasy alliance amongst themselves though Zobek came to resent this status quo as he sought to gain power over his former comrades. Thus, he came to probe the depths of hell in order to find knowledge that would aid in his search for greater power. This resulted in him being unknowingly possessed by Satan who proved him knowledge of the dark arts. Zobek's true nature was hidden to the members of the Brotherhood of Light with him operating beside them whilst he achieved his own goals. Zobek maintained an uneasy truce with the other Lords of Shadows for centuries but resented his former comrades as curtailing his plans for further power. During his quest for further power, he journeyed into the depths of Hell and fought demons in order to become stronger. This journey saw him acquiring the Devil Mask which he placed on Gabriel Belmont during the man's sleep so that this would lead to him killing his wife Marie and child Claudia. In addition, Satan's influence resulted in Zobek achieving a greater mastery over the dark arts leading to him casting a spell that separated the Earth from the Heavens. This was done so to force his good counterpart in Heaven to contact the Brotherhood of Light in order to end this crisis. This saw the Brotherhood dispatch Gabriel Belmont on this quest with Zobek appearing as his ally where he spurred him into searching for the God Mask in order to resurrect his wife Marie.

Despite this being the case, Zobek had not died but survived where he lived centuries later into the modern age. By this point, Satan's Acolytes were preparing for the return of their mother. To stop his return, Zobek decided to seek an ally and went to find Gabriel who as Dracula resided within a cathedral. He came to ask for his aid as Satan's return risked both of them being condemned to an eternity of torment in Hell. However, Dracula attacked Zobek and attempted to bite his neck with the necromancer teleporting away. Before disappearing, he blasted Dracula out of the cathedral window onto the streets in the city outside. Zobek then approached him where he offered to end Dracula's cursed immortality if he helped him stop Satan.


Personality and attributes

After becoming a Lord of Shadow, he became known as the Lord of the Necromancers and as the Lord of the Dead.

It was said that the original Zobek was a good man and had been the founder of the Brotherhood of Light. After his ascent, the dark half of him became a Lord of Shadows and was capable of many evil acts. This version was the one who used his original identity to pass himself of as an ally to those unfamiliar with his true nature.

Powers and abilities

The grim spectre of death.

Upon being the Lord of the Necromancers, he was considered the most powerful member of the Lords of Shadow with his domain being over death and magic. This allowed him to control the deceased and giving them powers in exchange for their souls. He could transform himself into a more powerful form where he resembled a grim spectre of death and wielded a scythe made of bones.

Due to his position, he came to ruler over the Necromancers and could return their souls to them.


  • Zobek was voiced by actor Patrick Stewart where he featured in the setting of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
  • The character was seemingly an adaptation of Death from the Castlevania series.

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