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Alejandro Perez is the brother of Javier Perez, Miguel Perez and Tony Garcia. Alejandro is known for his name of Tommy Garrison during his Martial Arts career. Alejandro knows Jeet Kune Do, Chun Kuk Do and Tang Soo Do with some Taekwondo. Alejandro is the member of the Snakes Dojo!. He studied martial arts under Chuck Norris.


Early Life

Alejandro Perez was born in San jose, California, in 1993. He graduated from Abraham Lincoln high School in the class of 2012 along with his brother Javier Perez. Alejandro wants to become a Martial Artist.

Martial Arts Early Career

Alejandro Perez along with his brothers joined the Snake Dojo! After Carlos offered them a contract to learn Martial Arts for free. Even tho Alejandro Perez never had a contract by Carlos, Javier Perez recommend him to Carlos for a contract to Alejandro. Alejandro Perez joined the gang Snake Dojo! And Carlos and Sniper send them out of state for training in the School of Chuck Norris. Carlos wanted to sign them with fake names. Alejandro Perez changed his name to Tommy Garrison (Simply: Tommy). The rest of the Snake Dojo! were trained for two months. After two months of training in Chuck Norris Dojo!. Tommy (himself), knew and learned fast Tang Soo Do, and Chun Kuk Do with some TaekWonDo. He also joined the Jeet Kune Do School for two months too.

Martial Arts Tournament

"A Body Bag, Carlos! A Body Bag"

During this time, the Dojo! master Keith signed them up to a tournament coming up in one month. After Carlos tried to give a contract to Mary four times, but she declined in four of them due to her released. Later, the Snakes Dojo! were against Mary. Tommy involved into bothering Mary in her way home when Miguel knocking her over the edge and down the embankment. Mary just lies there. And when Miguel gives her a beating for slapping Miguel. Miguel also told her to stay away from them. Mary looks at him with fear.

While Alejandro gave Miguel the rolled up for the weed, Mary Approached him and she threw him hot water on top of him, then Mary fled. Miguel, Alejandro, Javier, Tony and Jimmy went after her. After a while of chasing her, Mary finally got tired of running and she fell on the grass trying to climb the fenses. Tommy (Himself) grab Mary from behind to let Miguel beat her up. Miguel kick her in t face and her entire body and stomach. Javier tried to stop Miguel because Mary can barely breathe and stand. Tommy said " So What? That don't mean squat! Tommy shout "No Mercy!". Miguel told Tommy to take Mary's clothes off, after that happen Anthony came and made the save. Anthony confront the master and his students for beating up Mary. The master and Anthony made a deal if she wins, she's free but if she loses she's gonna work for them for two months of a serving service.

After the tournament, Tommy defeated his first two opponents, but he was eliminated by Mary in the third round. He is the third Snake Dojo! member to be defeated by Mary in the Tournament and afterwards he is heard cheering his teammates and to Carlos on from the sidelines during the final match with Mary. His most memorable quotes in the tournament are "It's Over! Carlos! Yeah! You Did It!" and "Get her a body bag. Yeah!" after Carlos re-aggravates Mary's leg injury. After Mary won the tournament, Tommy and the rest give Mary their respects for winning the tournament. After that, Tommy and the rest leave the Snake Dojo! then Mary decided to join them in the mercenaries.

Left the Company (2013)

Carlos send Tommy and the rest of the crew out of state for combat training. Alejandro trained for two months till his contract expired. Alejandro refused to join the mercenaries due to his relationship with Becky. Tony quit the company due to his new business he opened. Miguel also left the company a few months later due to his coming baby. Miguel also got marry with her girlfriend after that Miguel find out about he coming baby. Alejandro, Javier and Tony were the best mens in Miguel's marriage. Carlos along with other spy members were in the wedding too. After the wedding, alejandro decided to continue with his dream with the money he had, to become a professional Martial Artist.

Martial Artist (2013-2014)

July 18 - 21, 2013, Alejandro won the tournaments (2013 CKD World Championships) in South Point Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, NV.

Alejandro also won the tournament, held November 23rd & 24th in Decatur, Illinois at the Decatur Conference Center and Hotel, in which he got Canning $500 black belt scholarship and grand champion award. they had over 500 competitors from 13 states competing.

Alejandro is training currently his new art Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. in 2014, He Won the World jujits Championship (2014) Opened the United Warrior's Academy in Northridge, California teaching the martial art of jujitsu.


He is known for being the most vocal and sarcastic of the Snake Dojo! gang.

Alejandro and the Snake-Kai get along too much. He wasn't talking much to Jimmy, but at least both got along very well, as for Miguel Gomez both were the evil gang of the group and for Billy didn't really got along much for the reason for stopping them from attacking Mary. He holds respect for Carlos for the reason of him giving him a contract.

Alejandro was hateful towards Mary and always looking a way to destroyed her completely. After the tournament he and the Snake-Kai hold respect for her and was very friendly towards her when she started working for Carlos once again.

Personal Life

Alejandro has a black belt in TaekWonDo, Tang Soo Do and He a black belt in ‚ÄéChun Kuk Do too.

He holds a green belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Alejandro have a tattoo on it's shoulder of Snake-Kai and another one next to it of B.O.S.S. and a Snake symbol on it's back.

Alejandro have a kid and is currently married.

Alejandro is currently working for Miguel Gomez in his Martial Arts Dojo as a instructor.

Alejandro is working on it's new Martial Arts (Mantis).

Alejandro is the only member of Snake-Kai member to win many titles and trophies for the past two years.

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