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The Multiversal Omnipedia (MOA) is a project to create the ultimate encyclopedia of fantastic fiction. The site currently includes more than 9,659 articles. If you're new to MOA, please join us! Check out the FAQ page and experiment with the Sandbox to learn how you can contribute to any article right now!

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Today in Multiversal History - January 30

  • 1913: Real World - The House of Lords in England rejects the Irish Home Rule Bill.
  • 1948: Real World - Mohandas Gandhi is assassinated by a Hindu extremist.
  • 1964: Real World - A bloodless military coup puts Major General Nguyen Khanh in control of South Vietnam.
  • 1972: Real World - In what comes to be known as Bloody Sunday, British soldiers kill 13 unarmed pro-Catholic civil rights marchers in Northern Ireland. Pakistan leaves the British Commonwealth.

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