Abdul Alhazred (Marvel)

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Abdul Alhazred was a slaver who was accidentally endowed with superhuman strength and durability after being exposed to a machine in Pellucidar designed by the Mahar. He concocted a plan to gain more power by sacrificing victims to the crystal device that had empowered him. Using slave labor to re-open the portal, he eventually battled Tarzan in Pellucidar, but was seemingly killed when his life energies were absorbed by the Mahar crystal.

However, he resurfaced many years later, now possessing abilities resembling sorcery (such as the ability to summon and command demons). Alhazred tried to take over Tyger Tiger's criminal empire in Madripoor. He was defeated thanks to Wolverine- the mutant was able to resist his attempts to control him, resulting in a psychic backlash that trapped Alhazred in the same dimension as his demons.


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