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Carmel Maria Shea was a schoolteacher in Chicago who hated her job. She considered her students "little monsters." When three of them - Henry, Joseph and Allan - came to class with dirty hands after making mud pies on the playground, an annoyed Miss Shea sent the boys to the bathroom to wash up. When they were late returning she went to retrieve them, where she and Mrs. Grabowski witnessed the three boys being absorbed by the clone.

The shock of seeing the partially assimilated youngsters being sucked down the drain caused Miss Shea to go insane. She declared that the boys had been filth, and had transformed back into filth and returned to the sewers. She later went on a radio talkshow (before the clone had grown so large it began venturing out into public) where she repeated this diatribe as part of a segment covering different theories as to the nature of the disappearances.

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