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The Cybran Nation are a nation that feature in Supreme Commander.




The Cybran Nation was an interstellar government and nation that consisted of Cybran humans. It was composed of Humans that have been symbiotical paired with an artificial intelligence, the members of the Cybran Nation declared independance from the Earth Empire after years of slavery.

Infinite War

Seraphim Invasion

New Conflicts

The Colonial Defense Coalition remained into effect in the years after the Seraphim invasion and became the governing body of the known galaxy. One of its first acts was ending the Quantum Gate network which was a largely symbolic act and led to an end of the primary method of interstellar travel to distant star systems. This led to a restriction in the deployment of armies over vast distances and thus lowered the chances of another intergalactic war erupting between the Cybrans and the other two governments. However, this came at the cost of giving even greater isolation between the distant colonies but this was seen as an acceptable compromise. As a result of this act, each world contained its own governing body with the different factions remaining in name but maintained their own military forces as they were all now bound by a single set of ruling law.


Symbionts had a great deal of respect as well as reverence towards Dr Brackman. This was seen when a Cybran Commander failed in his duty and before he died, he exclaimed "Forgive me, Dr. Brackman." Amongst themselves, it was believed that a free Cybran would never turn their back on their brothers and sisters - especially in times of great need.

Cybran data records were notable for being quite thorough, however, it was possible to delete portions of the database and thus hide the existence of certain individuals.


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  • Ivana Dostya :
  • Ivan Brackman :
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  • The Cybran Nation were one of the playable factions in the video game.


  • Supreme Commander:
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliances:
  • Supreme Commander 2:

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