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Diva is a female anime character that features in Blood+.



Diva (ディーヴァ Dīva?) was a female queen Chiropteran and the younger twin sister of Saya. The pair were born to a former Chiropteran queen where they were cocoons that remained in the body of a mummified creature. For an unknown length of time, the pair remained unhatched from the cocoons until 1833 when Joel Goldschmidt uncovered the mummy. The cocoons reacted to blood leading to them hatching as seemingly human offspring. Joel took the two girls with him whete he began to conduct an experiment on them that saw the twin sisters separated. Saya was raised as Joel's own daughter with her being unaware of her origin or even the existence of her sister. Diva in contrast was locked away in a tower whete she was given no name and just the most basic necessities by Joel's assistant Amshel.


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  • Diva was voiced by Japanese actor Akiko Yajima and English actor Kari Wahlgren though Elin Carlson provided the singing voice in the dubbed series.


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