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Dr. Chase Meridian.

Chase Meridian is a a female human psychologist that featured in Batman Forever.



Chase Meridian was a female character who entered into the field of psychologist where she attained the position of doctor. Dr. Meridian later moved to Gotham City where she developed an interest in Batman. At the time, she began working alongside the police force and was present during the robbery of the Gotham bank by Two Face. Her presence at the scene was largely due to her expertise in multiple personality disorders. She witnessed Harvey Dent kill several bank guards and take a single hostage when the Batman arrived on the scene. Chase Meridian was immediately impressed with him and developed an attraction to the masked hero when he ended Two Faces criminal activities. Dr. After Batman arrived, she was flattered to hear that the caped crusader had read of her work and flirted with him. She attempted to appeal to him that they were both intellectually similar but he departed the scene. Afterwards, she managed to enter onto the roof of the Gotham police department where she activated the Batsignal. This was under false pretenses as Meridian intended to meet Batman face-to-face where she attempted to seduce him with a short dress beneath her jacket. Batman would initially reject her advances but before the pair could kiss Commissioner Gordon arrived at the scene where Dr. Meridian claimed that she only intended to reveal an Achilles Heel of Two Face namely his obsession with the coin. Afterwards, Batman would depart the scene and leave Dr. Chase Meridian on the roof top of the Gotham City Police Department.

At her home office, she was visited by millionaire Bruce Wayne who initially thought she was being attacked by someone in her room but turned out she was using a punching bag. Wayne brought a number of riddles sent to him by an anonymous sender and wanted her help in psycho-analyzing them. Her study of the riddles led her to determine that the sender was obsessed with Mr. Wayne and this was to the point that the person wanted Bruce dead. During their meeting, Bruce Wayne invited Dr. Meridian to the Gotham Charity Circus with her accepting the offer. The couple went to the circus where they enjoyed the performance and Bruce invited Chase to accompany him on a rock climbing venture. Though tempted, she refused as she stated that she had met someone who she was romantically interested in but the performance of the Flying Grayson's in the circus was disrupted by the arrival of Two Face. He announced that he intended to blow up the circus unless Batman confronted him. During the confusion, Wayne was separated from Dr. Meridian and he battled some of the thugs brought in by Two Face. During this moment, Two Face killed three of the Flying Grayson's leaving Dick Grayson the only survivor which was an act that shocked the audience.

Meridian alongside Batman.


Personality and attributes

Initially, she seemed to be greatly impressed with Batman and showed an intense attraction to him to the point that she desired to seduce him. She stated that this stemmed from her always being attracted to the wrong kind of man. Thus, Chase became fascinated in Batman which came partly from a psychological level. Her study of Batman led to her concluding that he liked the strong kind of woman. At first, Meridian attraction to Batman meant that she rejected any romantic pursuits made to her by others. This changed upon meeting Bruce and after a time she came to be romantically involved with him whereupon she told Batman that she was in love with someone else namely Wayne.

Powers and abilities

She noted herself for being an intellectual and being someone on par with the Dark Knight. After becoming a psychologist, she maintained an expertise in Multiple Personality Disorders. Her office held a number of psychological items designed to aid her in practice such as an ink blot painting and a doll that was said to keep bad dreams away.

Meridian also kept an exercise regime that included boxing where she kept in shape with a punching bag. Another hobby that she enjoyed was rocking climbing which she stated that she had always loved.


  • Dr. Chase Meridian was an original creation of the Tim Burton universe and played by Nicole Kidman.
  • Rene Russo was originally cast to play Dr. Chase Meridian when Michael Keaton was still attached to the project as Batman. However, when Keaton dropped out of the project and was replaced by Val Kilmer, Russo was deemed too old to play his love interest and was replaced by Kidman. Robin Wright turned down the role while Jeanne Tripplehorn and Linda Hamilton were both considered. Schumacher then felt her to be perfect for the role of Dr. Chase Meridian, though Warner Bros. was cautious, calling her "not sexy enough."


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