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Doctor Luther Paradigm is a villain that features as the main villain in the Street Sharks cartoon.



Dr. Luther Paradigm.

Dr. Luther Paradigm was a scientist that resided in Fission City who was a noted expert in genetics. In the university, he operated as a consultant and managed a number of the staff there. At some point, he met fellow scientist Robert Bolton with the two embarking on genetics research. This work culminated in Robert's work being able to splice the genetic material of two species to create a hybrid. Dr. Paradigm intended to begin trial testing on living subjects but Bolton refused and did not want his work to be used in such a manner. An angry Luther Paradigm resented being denied and instead continued his secret illegal experiments in genetics where he intended to create a perfect race that were removed from the flaws of humanity. When Robert Bolton discovered this, he broke into the facility and arrived when Paradigm began his testing of a genetic serum on a marlin and a lobster. He had Bolton witness the birth of what he deemed as perfection but the experiment seemingly failed. Robert wanted no part in these experiments and intended to leave with Luther trapping him in the building. He then created a new serum that corrected the earlier mistake and had it injected into the unwilling Robert Bolton. Bolton was transformed into a monstrous hybrid that broke out of the laboratory and escaped. Luther would take the discarded watch of Bolton and later discovered that the marlin along with lobster had rapidly evolved into intelligent humanoid hybrids. These two willingly served Paradigm and became the first of his Seaviants as he intended to continue his experiments. The next day, he went to the university and his assistant Lena inquired about the location of Dr. Bolton as he had not arrived for work. Lena inquired as Bolton's four sons wanted to know where he was as he had neither come into work nor was he at home. Upon hearing about Robert's sons, Paradigm determined the replicate the success he had with Bolton by conducting similar experiments on his children. He had Lena to ask the children to rendezvous at a warehouse where he claimed that their father was waiting for them. When the four sons arrived, they saw that Paradigm had their fathers watch which was a gift to him from their mother. Luthor claimed that Robert gifted it to him but the four Bolton sons refused to believe this to be the case. This led to Dr. Paradigm calling upon his two Seaviant henchmen to apprehend the teenagers that were taken to his laboratory. Once there, he had them injected with a serum from sharks but the boys seemingly died as they fell into convulsions with Luthor have their bodies thrown away.

The brothers would attack Paradigm and his Seaviants in order to reverse the genetic changes he made on them as well as expose his experiments to the public but this failed. However, it resulted in Paradigm being subjected to the process himself with piranha DNA being added into his biology turning him into Dr. Piranoid.

Paradigm began a process of misinformation in Fission City by informing the public that the Street Sharks were vicious mutant killers created by their father using his Human guise. While at the same time, he combated the Street Sharks while attempting to transform the denziens of the city into mutants with no free will.


Personality and attributes

Piranoid was easily identifiable; being bald and possessing a metal eyepatch. After his first encounter with the Street Sharks, he began to wear a giant yellow robotic exosuit which was heavily armed and came equipped with the ability to fire harpoons. Though he appeared to be Human most of the time, the second accident with the Street Sharks resulted in piranha DNA being injected into his body turning Paradigm into his more fearsome Piranoid persona. This genetic change is unstable and leaves Piranoid in an agitated state as well as drove the professor mad in the process. This is evident in his plans on converting the entire city into Seaviant mutants under his control. When changing to his Piranoid state, he looks the same as his Human form excpt for the fish-like lips along with the razor sharp teeth.

He claimed that he wanted to improve mankind that were flawed creatures by merging them with aquatic animals. Paradigm did not tolerate anyone thwarting his goals.

Powers and abilities

He claimed that he was that finest scientist of genetic research of the modern age.

At one point, he injected himself with iguana DNA as he believed it was Velociraptor DNA.


  • Luther Paradigm was voiced by J. Michael Lee.


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