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Victor Frankenstein was a medical student hailing from the town of Ingoldstadt in Geneva, Switzerland. He discovered the secret of bringing life to the dead. As told to explorer Robert Walton, after dropping out of medical school Victor sought to put his newfound knowledge to the test, and went about creating a human body from scratch, using various parts from corpses he got from anywhere he could: gallows, graveyards, even morgues. After piecing the body together, he imbued life into it using his scientific instruments. Exactly how he went about this is unknown, as Victor refused to tell Walton the details of his work for fear that Walton would attempt to repeat his experiments.

Deciding that the resultant monster was too hideous to bother with, Victor abandoned his creation to a world that mistreated him because of how ugly he was. This eventually came back to haunt Victor, as the monster, hateful that his creator had abandoned him so, took revenge, killing Victor's younger brother William. Despite this, Victor made a deal with the monster to create a bride for him, but reneged when he came to the conclusion that they would only spawn more monsters. In response, the enraged monster killed Victor's best friend Henry Clerval and his wife Elizabeth. Vowing to hunt the monster to the ends of the earth, Victor pursued his murderous creation to the arctic, where he met Walton. After telling his life story to the Walton, Victor succumbed to sickness brought on by the extreme cold and died.

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