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Funaki Smackdown #1 announcer

Shoichi Funaki (船木 勝一, Funaki Shoichi?) (born August 24, 1968 is a Japanese/American professional wrestler best known for his time in World Wrestling Entertainment, where he was a one-time Cruiserweight Champion. He made his debut in WWF where he seems losing to Jonathan and Jesus. He was teaming up with Taka Michinoku better know as Chan they form an stable name Kai En Tai, Tajiri join with Funaki forces too. His career and Chan career was over after losing in Backlash (2000) to APA. Vince MacMahon fired him for losing a lot of macthes. Funaki came back in WWE where he won the Cruiserweight championship to Spike Dudley at Armageddon (2004). MacMahon later on realease him from the contract after losing to Chavo Guerrero for a short time. he also seems appear in Royal Rumble for the Cruiserweight Championship where Gregory Helms seems winning. He also appear in a four on Five Tag Team againts La Familia, Funaki team up with Nunzio, Pretty Boy and Batista.


Early Year

Funaki started as a shoot style wrestler in Yoshiaki Fujiwara's Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi promotion and moved to its successor promotion, Battlarts. He later found the lucha libre style more to his liking, so he moved to the Great Sasuke's promotion, Michinoku Pro Wrestling. In that promotion, he joined with Taka Michinoku, Dick Togo, Men's Teioh and Shiryu in the Kai En Tai stable. Funaki also wrestled in the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA) where he face El Pantera on March 19, 1997, in Japan.

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment

World Wrestling Federation (1999-2000)


Main Acticle: Kai En Tai

Funaki and Taka Michinoku make they debut on Raw Is War by losing to Jonathan and Jesus in a Tag Team Match. Next week on Raw Funaki and Taka defeat Jonathan and Jesus in a Tag Rematch. Funaki form an Stable with Taka call the Kai En Tai. Taka change his name into Chan. Funaki and Chan lost for the second time to Jonathan and Jesus and a Tornado Tag Team Match in Heat. Funaki and Chan lost once againt to Jonathan and Jesus in Backlash for the Great Tag Team Champion.

Kai En Tai

Funaki and Chan are still teaming up as the Kai En Tai. A new member of the Kai En Tai was Tajiri the Buzzsaw Poison as a new member Tajiri, Funaki and Chan team up on 3 on 2 Hanicap Tag Team Match againts A.P.A. (Acolytes Protection Agencyand) where Funaki finish Faarooq with the Rising Sun on the top of the ropes. Kai En Tai celebrate they big victory after the match. In The Great American Bash Funaki and Chan with Tajiri as a Tag Manager face the Bashams Brothers (Doug and Danny) an a Tag Team match. After Doug was going to use the Moonsault Star Splash on Chan. Tajiri did the Buzzsaw Kick to Doug Basham and Chan pinned him by force the Basham Brothers lost the match to Kai En Tai. Funaki, Chan and Tajiri were draft to Smackdown to earn the oppoturnity to win the Tag Titles, but first they must earn they spot to win the Tag Titles. Funaki and Chan defeat The Bashams Brothers two weeks straight. After days of winning they earn to face the #1 contenders for the Tag Titles at Velocity however they wins by pin fall. Next week they will gonna face the Tag Champions Brett Hard and British Bulldog at Vengeance. Funaki and Chan won the #1 contender match by defeating A.P.A. once again, after Tajiri did the Poison Fog to Faarooq and Funaki pinned him with a School Boy while Tajiri is holding Funaki's leg for Faarooq wasn't unable to kick out. They manage to make it to Vengeance for the Tag Titles, but they lost after Brett Hard Make Chan Tap Out with the Sharpshooter. Funaki and Chan have a rematch with the Tag Champions but they lost once again. Next week on Smackdown Funaki and Chan face Carlos and René Duprée for the #1 Contender for the Tag Titles. Kai En Tai lost to them went Carlos did the Stunner on Funaki and Chan and Carlos also did a Stunner on Tajiri while Duprée pinned Funaki. ECW) Funaki with Tajiri face one on one againts LL Coo J, but lost he right after Funaki was about to do the Resing Sun to him but unexpectedly Coo J reverse it by thrown Funaki out of balanced face first and he did the Hip Hop Drop. Funaki, Chan and Spike Dudley face Golberg and Deacon Batista on 3 on 2 Tag Match, but Kain En Tai and Spike lost went after Batista did the Spear to Chan and Golberg did the Spear both to Spike and Funaki. Funaki (Funaki doesn't suppose to appear in this match but he did for Jesus Mendoza absent) appears in King Of The Ring PPV losing to Scotty 2 Hotty, LL Coo J, Sergio Gonzalez and Rey Mysterio in Fatal Four Way for the Cruiserweight Championship where Sergio was still the Champion.

Cruiserweight Division

Funaki begin a new storyline by facing Cruiserweight Contenders and earn the #1 spot to win the Cruiserweight Championship aloud him to leave his teammates Chan and Tajiri for a short time. Funaki begin his match by defeating Rey on his first cruiserweight match. Second week Funaki lost to Scotty 2 Hotty by the Worm. Funaki and Too Cool (Scotty and LL Coo J) face Rey Mysterio, Sergio and Jesus in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. Funaki's team lost after Cool J was pinned by Jesus right after Sergio did the Worm. At Survivor Series they all face each other in 6-Man Battle Royal. Funaki manage to eliminate the first superstar Scotty 2 Hotty by the Rising Sun. Funaki was the third eliminated by Jesus with the Powerbomb. At the end of the match Sergio was still the Champion once again by eliminate Jesus Mendoza. Funaki wasn't in action for two weeks, On the third week Funaki lost to Sergio Gonzalez to aloud Funaki not to participate at New Year Revolution in Elimination Chamber for the Cruiserweight Championship. Chavo Guerrero toke his place at the match. Funaki have his last chance to win the title at SmackDown againts Sergio, Chavo, Scotty 2 Hotty, Rey and Tajiri at 6- Man Battle Royal on the top rope for the Cruiserweight title. Funaki was the second eliminated on the top rope by Sergio. Funaki chances to win the Cruiserweght title was over. Funaki was draft to Raw from SmackDown.

Road for the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 16

Royal Rumble 1999

After Funaki was draft from SmackDown to Raw he start competing matches for the Royal Rumble entry numbers. He seems losing to several Superstars such as, Deacon Batista, Robert Conway and to Garrison Cade and Shawn Michael an a Tag Team match. Funaki's current entry number was #5 where he was early eliminated by Carlos.

Hardcore Battles

Funaki started to team up again with Chan as the Kai En Tai at Hardcore Battles for they can have the opportunity to win the Hardcore Championship. Funaki and Chan face Hardcore Holly and the Hardcore Champion Crash Holly in a Tornado Tag Team Match. Hardcore Holly pull out the victory by making the Alabama Slam on Funaki while Crash Holly did the Crash Course on Chan. Kai En Tai face Viscera in a Handicap match. Viscera win by the Big Splash on both superstars. No Way Out, Funaki, Chan, Crash, Hardore, Viscera and Tazz they all face each other in 6 man battle royal for the Hardcore title. Funaki was the first eliminated by his own partner Chan. Funaki and Chan lost to A.P.A.. Next week they lost to Crash and Hardcore once again. Tazz and Viscera beat Kai En Tai on ECW in a Tornado Hardcore Match. Funaki and Chan participated in 8-Man Hardcore Battle Royal time limit of 15 minutes for the Hardcore Championship at Wrestlemania 16. Funaki manage to pinned Viscera by help of Bradshaw, however he was pinned by Tazz and later on Crash pinned Tazz and Hardcore Holly pinned his brother Crash to win the new Hardcore Championship.

Personal Life

Along with Japanese and English, Funaki is semi-fluent in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. This was helpful when he was a regular in the short-lived WWE Spanish-language show Los Super Astros, which was televised on Univision.

On August 30, 2007, Funaki, along with nine other superstars, were named in Sports Illustrated as recipients of illegal steroids not in compliance with the WWE Talent Wellness Program. Funaki was said to have received somatropin in March 2006.


  • Finishing moves
  • "SmackDown's #1 Announcer"

Championships and accomplishments

WWE Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)

World Wrestling Federation (1999-2000)

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