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Carlos, better known as his stage name (s) Nyne, and C.J., is an American rapper, originally from Miami, Florida with an Puerto Rican abcent. Carlos realease two CD at New York , his fir CD was Afterhours, and The Original C.J. Carlos new CD will be realease in 2013. Carlos also is rapping at school songs suchs as Ma Ma Ma best know as 112 CJ and Let's Drop In also know as Let's Drop A. Carlos use to have two girlfriends, her name is Angel and the other that Carlos had is Carla. Still that Carlos is still going to the clubs in the summer to go visit His Friends, Fans and his Girlfriend.

Early Life

Carlos Olivera was born in and spent most of his childhood in New York. Uninterested in school, and despite excelling in primary school, he began abusing drugs. After an emotional confrontation with his mother, Carlos willingly went into rehab on July 3, 2001. Carlos Olivera began freestyling, first at his middle school with acquaintances against whom he claims that he always won battles.

Carlos begun to trained as a fighter before making his career as a Street Fighter in New York. He started at age of 12.


Carlos started his career as a fighter at age of 12 in The Face Club under the name of Nyne by defeating RuffNeck. As the results, Nyne got the job as a fighter. Nyne was also a crowd favorite to everyone.

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