Inspector Krogh

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Inspector Krogh

Police inspector in Frankenstein, Inspector Krogh had lost his arm during a fateful encounter with the Frankenstein monster when he was only a boy: the monster had ripped the arm right from its socket. Prior to this, Krogh had dreamed of being in the military, but the loss of the arm ensured that he could not serve in any armed forces. Regardless, he soldiered on, had his arm replaced by a prosthetic, and eventually rose up to become the law in Frankenstein.

Despite having a valid reason for despising the Frankenstein family, Krogh showed nothing but kindness and hospitality towards Wolf Frankenstein and his family when the son of the notorious monster's creator arrived in town to claim his heritage as Baron of the Frankenstein estate. In fact, Krogh was by and far the only person in Frankenstein who was at all nice to Wolf and his family, offering his services should the villagers turn hostile toward the new Baron.

Regardless, Krogh was wary of Wolf, especially when the young Baron began hanging around with the mad cripple Ygor, who Krogh believed was harboring the monster and using him to exact revenge on his enemies. Krogh was right, naturally, and his investigations led him to prove his theory in time to save Wolf's young son Peter from the monster. The monster attacked Krogh, pulling off his false arm, and then Wolf stopped the monster from doing any more to the heroic inspector by knocking him into the sulphur pits.

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