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Jerry Lamana was Fox Mulder's partner in the FBI prior to Mulder's involvement with the X-Files. Lamana was regarded by most as incompetent, and was known for riding on Mulder's coattails. He was on the fast track to success (at Mulder's expense) when he misplaced evidence that resulted in a federal judge being almost killed. Lamana ended up being disgraced. Years later, he and Mulder found themselves working together to solve the murder of Eurisko CEO Benjamin Drake. Lamana, up to his old tricks again, broke into Mulder's office and stole his profile on Drake's suspected killer, Brad Wilczek. While staking out Wilczek's house, Lamana followed the programmer to the Eurisko World Headquarters. While taking the elevator up to Wilczek's office Lamana ended up being killed when the sentient COS stopped the elevator between floors, then caused it to plummet.

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