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Minas Morgul was built by the people of Gondor and ruled by Isildur in the days that it was known as Minas Ithil ("tower of the moon"), the city was captured by Sauron near the end of the Second Age, and populated with his servants. While it was temporarily recaptured by Gondor, they did not hold it long; after a two-year siege, the city was taken by the Nazgul and re-named Minas Morgul ("tower of black magic"). A palantir was kept in this city, but upon its capture, it was taken to Barad-dur and given to Sauron. From Minas Morgul, the Witch-King of Angmar directed many campaigns of terror and war against Gondor until Ithilien was deserted. During the War of the Ring, the Witch-King led the army that attacked Osgiliath and undertook the Siege of Gondor from Minas Morgul. After the War of the Ring, it was again called Minas Ithil, but it was not inhabited again because of the dread remaining there.

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