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An annoyed Moliarty.

Professor Moliarty was a diminuitive mole who tried to block the sun using his ivnention, the Kineto Beam, which would effectively plunge St. Canard into eternal night and allow his entire race to storm the surface and conquer the city. He was stopped by Darkwing Duck, who destroyed the Kineto Beam and sent Moliarty and his fellow moles scurrying back underground where they came from.

In trying to evade Darkwing during a future encounter, Moliarty dug straight through the planet and ended up in Kung Pow City. The Masked Mallard followed him anyway, and Moliarty was finally caught and turned over to the authorities in Kung Pow.


Obviously, Moliarty's name was inspired by the criminal genius in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, Sherlock Holmes' enemy Professor Moriarty.

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