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Vayeate was an advanced gundanium-based mobile suit built for OZ, model number OZ-13MSX1. Its creators were the same scientists who built the five Gundams plaguing OZ, who had recently been captured. Counterpart to Mercurius, the Vayeate was built to be highly offensive in nature. It was given the largest beam cannon that it could carry without affecting its manueverability, and a large energy collector that gave continuous power to that mighty weapon.

The Vayeate was tested by Trowa Barton, whom OZ believed was one of their own pilots. Following the liberation of the other Gundam pilots, the Vayeate was refit as a mobile doll, using data recorded from Trowa himself. It was destroyed while battling Duo Maxwell. Elements of both Vayeate and Mercurius were incorporated into the Virgo model.

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