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The Outriders are a species that feature in Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.



The Outriders were an intelligent race of humanoid beings that were native to another dimension that was known as the Vapor Zone.

Among these types of incursions included them sending entire warships to destroy automated transport ships sent from homeworlds to colonies on the New Frontier. Outrider activities also spanned multiple galaxies in the normal universe where in some they were developing special new weapons.

Their personal existence was bleak, as is their home dimension, and they have squandered all the resources on their home planet, forcing them to move to an artificial planet. It is often said that Outriders do not know how to have fun, but in truth, they are just like human beings. It is due to their leader Nemesis's inability to enjoy himself that they are said to be unable to enjoy themselves. They want to be able to conquer mankind and control the universe unhindered, thinking the human dimension has much more to offer than their own. When an Outrider is shot or wounded, they do not die, but rather "dimension jump," a process where they vanish and return to their home dimension to reform, leaving behind no trace save for a wisp of poisonous-green gas and a smudge where they stood. A self-initiated dimension jump leaves no trace.


In appearance, the Outriders were a race of humanoids that typically had pale skin. They have no need of oxygen but require great quantities of water. They have also mastered the ability to disguise themselves as human beings, to the point where even a medical examination will not reveal their true identities.

When killed, their bodies evaporated and it was said that their bodies were transported back to their home dimension. On some occasions, an Outrider was capable of voluntarily vaporising themselves and returning to their dimension. Once there, they reformed their bodies in special containers after which they were released.

Their society was said to be boring and unable to understand the concept of fun.

They had technology that allowed for the reforming of Outriders that were returned to their home dimension.

A common weapon in their arsenal were Renegade units that were giant mecha that came in a variety of shapes and forms. There were specific models of Renegades such as the Desperado.

They possessed large scale warships that were able to dimension jump from their dimension to the mainstream universe.


  • Nemesis :
  • Gattler : a senior male commander who was tasked with conquering the New Frontier.
  • Vanquo : a male Outrider spy who infiltrated the Frontier and reported important information to his superiors.


  • The Outriders were based on the Deathcula from the Bismark anime which was adapted into the animated series.


  • Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs:

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