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Scott Anthony Levy (born September 8, 1964), better known by his ring name Raven, is an American professional wrestler. Raven is also part of Italy. Raven is the one time WWF Hardcore Championship. Raven turn Face and he join with The Alliance commander by Shane McMahon to take down the Heel Superstars of WCW. Raven is been in WCW and Raw Is War (3 Years) shows for long time. Raven retired from the WWF at WrestleMania X8 afterlosing to Christian for the European Championship. Vince MacMahon realease him from the contract.


Professional Wrestling Career

Early Career

After graduating college, Levy entered the wrestling business in 1988 as Scotty The Body in Memphis's Continental Wrestling Association, where he was the boy-toy of Missy Hyatt, who used him to her and Eddie Gilbert's advantage. After leaving Memphis, Levy competed in his home state of Florida until he was let go after an argument with part-owners Steve Keirn and Jack Glidden.

World Championship Wrestling Career

Levy next competed briefly with Vancouver's All Star Wrestling; he wrestled as a Face there and got over with the fans, but ended up leaving due to promoter Al Tomko's preference to push his sons, Todd ("Rick Davis") and Terry ("The Frog") in All Star's top spots, From there, he went to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in Portland. He was one of the main heels for most of his three years there, winning all of the macthes and feuding heavily with Steve Doll. His manager in WCW was Taylor Made. After taking a brief break from competing, he returned to WCW as a face and began a feud with top heel The Grappler.

Career (1999-2000)


Championships and Accomplishments

WWF Hardcore Championship (1 time)

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