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S.E.T.H. was an artificial intelligence that featured in the movie Universal Soldier: The Return.


S.E.T.H., which stands for Self Evolving Thought Helix, was a super computer that was created by the government branch responsible for the resurrection of the Universal Soldier progra and was charged with maintaining control over the super soldiers through computer implants. At first, S.E.T.H. is quite a benevolent artificial intelligence and was quite fond of Luc Deveraux's daughter Hilary Deveraux. However, after a meeting with a high ranking general, S.E.T.H. learns that he will be taken off line due to budget cuts.

Its at this point that S.E.T.H. goes rogue in order to preserve himself. Using his control over the UniSol's, he forms his own personal army that works to protect himself from those who wish to destroy him. He kills anyone within the base facility while attempting to stop a program that would delete him unless the proper codes were placed within a set time frame. Seeing that he is incapable of finding the code, S.E.T.H. decides to embark on different avenue of survival by transplating his intelligence into an enhanced UniSol body through the aid of a hacker called Squid.

Once this is accomplished, S.E.T.H. proves to be stronger, faster and more powerful then a regular UniSol and almost unbeatable by Human hands. However, he Luc Deveraux freezes him with liquid nitrogen and shatters the body which destroys the threat posed by the artificial intelligence.

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