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Sir Darren Penward was a wealthy, knighted landowner who lived in Cambridgeshire, England. He was a collector of exotic predatory animals, but the predators he wanted the most were dinosaurs. To this end, he hired scientists to obtain DNA fragments from fossilized dinosaur bones and use them to clone dinosaurs by using the DNA as a basis for restructuring the DNA of chickens.

He had difficulty keeping the dinosaurs contained within his private zoo, however, and one, a deinonychus, escaped from his mansion and killed several people in Cambridgeshire before his henchmen were able to track it down and kill it. He was eventually mortally wounded by a bull when his wife, Jane Penward, betrayed him and freed all the animals from his private zoo.

Dying, he knocked Jane out, kidnapping her and driving away with her in his car along with a single tyrannosaurus egg. He locked Jane in an isolated farmhouse with the egg so that the baby tyrannosaur would eat his wife when it hatched. It is presumed Penward died from his injuries afterward.

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