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The Swat Kats were a vigilante duo comprised of former Enforcer pilots Chance Furlong (alias T-Bone) and Jake Clawson (alias Razor). Formed shortly after the pair were kicked out of the Enforcers by Commander Ulysses Feral for disobeying a direct order not to engage the criminal mastermind Dark Kat, an act which resulted in the destruction of Enforcer Headquarters.

The Swat Kats are the sworn protectors of Megakat City, and Dark Kat has since become their arch-enemy (although they routinely tangle with the likes of Doctor Viper, the Metallikats, and the Pastmaster). Their main ally is Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs. Besides their main vehicles the Turbokat and the Cyclotron, the Swat Kats also use a variety of improbable but inventive missiles in their neverending fight against evil. Their secret headquarters exists beneath the Megakat City Salvage Yard.

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