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Victor Zetta is a male human character that features in Wolfenstein.



During the height of the Second World War, Victor Zetta had risen to the position of General and became a rising star in Himmler's SS Paranormal Division. At some point, he established a large operation in the town of Isenstadt though their operations were not known to the Office of Secret Actions. The Kresau Circle had spotted General Zetta who was part of an archaeological dig outside the town. Unknown to many, his continued experimentation with the Black Sun energy had corrupted his body turning him into a demonic creature that hid beneath his human facade. His purpose was the development of powerful new weaponry through mystical means as well as the continued unearthing of nachstone crystals.

During this time, his activities were threatened by the intervention of American spy B.J. Blazkowics and this ultimately culminated in a fight at the Cannery at Isenstadht where Zetta revealed his true nature against the enemy agent. During the fight, he was killed by the spy leading to an end to his operations though Berlin was believed to be sending in a new agent to take over their activities in the town.


Personality and attributes

According to one of the resistance fighters of the Kreisau Circle who had seen Zetta, he noted that the Generals eyes indicated he was a man of pure evil.

Powers and abilities

Though he appeared to be a normal though somewhat overweight human being. Zetta was in fact much more with his physical form being somewhat decieving to enemies. Normal projectile weapon fire did not harm him and simply went through his body. This was because his true form could only be seen through mystical means namely through the Veil itself. Once there, his body was that of a demonic creature with powers allowing him to use a form of telekinesis to shatter objects or fire powerful energy waves at his enemies.



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