Burgomaster Vogel

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The Burgomaster of Goldstadt, Burgomaster Vogel was a close family friend of the Frankensteins. Like everyone else in Goldstadt, Vogel looked forward to to the wedding of Henry Frankenstein and Elizabeth. He was extremely disappointed when Baron Frankenstein informed him otherwise, and when the Frankenstein monster threw all of Goldstadt into a panic. Along with Henry and Ludwig, whose daughter Maria had been drowned by the monster, Vogel led an angry mob of torch-wielding villagers which chased the misunderstood monster into a windmill, which they proceeded to burn down.

Afterwards, Vogel saw to it that a wounded Henry was taken home and that the mob was broken up and sent home. Unlike most of the people in Goldstadt, Vogel did not believe that Henry Frankenstein's creation was a "monster," regarding him as merely a regular criminal to be apprehended and locked up. He quickly changed his tune when the town jail, with its bars and armed guards, proved unable to contain the monster.

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