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Col. Slammer was an extremely short-tempered, monocled Thembrian in charge of Bedevilled Island Maximum Security Prison. Unlike most of his people, Warden Slammer actually possessed a sense of humor, albeit a rather twisted one. He enjoyed being cruel and sadistic, but only to convicted criminals who he believed deserved being bullied. Among other things, the ceiling fan in Slammer's office was powered by a prisoner pedaling on a bicycle, and his motorless car was pulled around by an enormous prisoner most of the time due to the fact Professor Crackpotkin had stolen the engine from the car for use in the Crackpotkin Plan.

When Crackpotkin began stealing items from around the prison to build his getaway airplane, Slammer, blaming Baloo who had already broken a number of Thembrian laws (enough to warrant actual imprisonment even after the pilot informed Slammer that his being on Bedevilled Island was a mistake), sought to have him executed by a firing squad of cannons. When Baloo asked for a last request in the form of a meal, Slammer agreed but then quickly ordered the cannons to fire after it became clear Baloo was just stalling. Thanks to a gunpowder shortage however the cannons did not fire, but since failure to die at your own execution was a crime in Thembria, Slammer punished Baloo with more prison time.

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