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Dated Events

  • Real World: May 7. A wounded Joan of Arc leads the final charge against the last of the English siege fortifications at Orleans.
  • Real World: May 8. The weakened English leave Orleans; the Siege of Orleans ends.
  • Real World: June 18. At the Battle of Patay, French forces led by Joan of Arc defeat English forces, who withdraw from the Loire Valley.

Undated Events

  • Dungeons and Dragons (Greyhawk), Dungeons and Dragons (Ravenloft): c. 1429 (391 CY). Azal'Lan renounces his loyalty to the Malachite Throne. In response, Nyrondese mercenaries are sent to destroy him. Fleeing his pursuers, Azalin is drawn into the Mists of Ravenloft, sent to 542 BC. (From the Shadows. Although this was originally used to synchronize 391 CY and 542 BC, it's more likely that Azalin was sent 13 years in the past here, rather than the greater god Vecna leaving a Demiplane of Dread- at that brief moment fully under his control- 13 years earlier than the actual, true present in Die Vecna Die! Possibly, the Mists took him from just the right moment during his history on Oerth- being pursued by mercenaries- so that he would be in the right frame of mind and do what was needed in 542 BC.)

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