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Dated Events

  • Barsoom: March 3. John Carter is inexplicably transported to Mars (which he later learns that the natives call Barsoom) leaving his apparently dead body behind in a cave in Arizona. (A Princess of Mars)
  • Real World: May. Otto von Bismarck is nearly assassinated in Berlin.
  • Real World: May 16. The U.S. Congress replaces the half-dime with the nickel. Root beer is invented by Charles Hires.
  • Real World: June 14. The Austrians and most of the medium German states declare war on Prussia- Austro-Prussian War begins.
  • Real World: July 3. Prussia is victorious at the Battle of Koniggratz, spelling the end of the Austro-Prussian War. Prussia becomes the dominant German nation.
  • Real World: July 24. Tennessee becomes the first former Confederate state to rejoin the Union.
  • Real World: July 25. Ulysses S. Grant becomes the first General of the (U.S.) Army (a rank later known as "five-star general").
  • Real World: July 27. The Atlantic Cable is completed- telegraph communication across the Atlantic becomes possible for the first time.

Undated Events

  • Back to the Future: Clara comes down with diphtheria and is quarantined for three months. As a result, her father places a telescope next to her bed for her to use, which sparks her life-long interest in astronomy and science.
  • Lois and Clark: H.G. Wells and Tempus arrive in Smallville at this time. Lois and Clark soon follow. ("Tempus Fugitive")

New Fictional Works

Notable Books

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