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Dated Events

  • Real World: January. The kit-based Altair 8800 is released, sparking the microcomputer revolution.
  • Real World: April 17. Pol Pot establishes the so-called Democratic Republic of Kampuchea in Cambodia.
  • Real World: May 28. The Treaty of Lagos is signed, creating the Economic Community of West African States.
  • DC (Generations): September 24. Batman III (Bruce Wayne, Jr.) and Supergirl are called in to investigate the Joker's state, and call on Doctor Occult and Deadman to help; they discover that the second Batman (Dick Grayson)'s vengeful ghost is haunting him, and Alfred's spirit helps him pass on, moving to the afterlife himself. The strain causes the Joker to die several hours later. Hal Jordan decides to retire as a test pilot and run for Congress. (Superman & Batman: Generations II)
  • Real World: October 30. Juan Carlos becomes king of Spain after the death of dictator Francisco Franco.

Undated Events

  • Kill Bill: Hattori Hanzo swears an oath to God that he will never again create a sword. (28 years before Kill Bill Vol. 1)

New Fictional Works

Notable Books

Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany, 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King.

Notable Films

Rollerball, Jaws, Escape to Witch Mountain.

Notable Comic Books

Giant Size X-Men #1 (reinvention of X-Men).

Notable Television Series

  • Beginning: The Invisible Man, Return to the Planet of the Apes, Space: 1999, Survivors.
  • Continuing: Doctor Who (Season 13), Land of the Lost (Season 2), The Six Million Dollar Man (Season 2), The Tomorrow People (Season 3).
  • Ending: Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek (animated series), Valley of the Dinosaurs.

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