200 million years ago

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  • Real World: 200 million years ago. Beginning of the Jurassic Period. First marsupials, birds and flowering plants on Earth.
  • Doctor Who, Doctor Who (Expanded Universe): 150 million years ago. The planet Kastria, endangered by "solar winds," turns to the great scientist Eldrad for aid. He creates the Solar Barriers and silicon-based bodies for his race to inhabit. Unfortunately, he also decides he is best suited to rule Kastria, and attempts to replace King Rokon. Defeated, a vengeful Eldrad removes the Barriers, forcing the Kastrians underground. Sentenced to obliteration for his crimes, Eldrad's body was destroyed in space. However, his hand survived, and eventually fell to Earth in the late Jurassic. ("The Hand of Fear")
  • Real World: 146 million years ago. Beginning of the Cretaceous Period. Peak of dinosaurs, first placental mammals.

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