4 billion years ago

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  • Star Trek, Star Trek (Expanded Universe): 4 billion years ago. The first humanoid race arises in the Milky Way galaxy. After exploring the universe and finding no life like themselves, they seed numerous planets with genetic material, resulting in the rise of similar humanoid life forms on many of those planets in the millennia to come. The humanoids also leave a message encoded in fragments in the various races' genes for them to discover once they reached a certain level of cooperation. (Star Trek: The Next Generation: "The Chase")
  • Real World: 3.6 billion years ago. During the Archaean Age, the first primitive life appears on Earth.
  • Marvel: 3.6 billion years ago. The Demiurge arises on Earth, and creates the Elder Gods. They roam the primordial landmasses of Earth, and may have shaped the planet's continents. One of the Gods, Gaea, becomes the guardian of Earth's life forms, while another, Set, realizes he can increase his power by murdering and absorbing the power of his fellows.
  • Marvel: Between 3.6 billion years ago and c. 3.5 billion years ago. Over millions of years, other Elder Gods do as Set does, and they eventually degenerate into the first demons. Gaea, fearing for the safety of Earth's life, mates with the Demiurge to create a champion- Atum- that destroys many of the corrupted Elder Gods and drives the rest into other dimensions. However, some, such as Set and Chthon, leave the means behind for their return. Gaea, as the last of her kind on Earth, chooses to merge with her homeworld's biosphere, while Atum makes his home within the Sun. (The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition; Silver Surfer Annual 2)

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