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ADVENT is an organization that features in X-COM.



The ADVENT was a global government and organization created on Earth following the arrival of the Aliens when they conquered the planet.

Whilst in control of the world, there was some resistance from several scattered human groups. Among these included the black op Reapers, the hybrid Skirmishers and the psionic Templars with all three groups being hostile to one another.

The Commander was then placed in stasis with an Alien Biotech implant placed in his brain that allowed the Aliens to tap into his expert strategic and tactical knowledge. Whilst in stasis, the implant was used to transmit his experience through the Psionic engineered network of the ADVENT. This knowledge came into the minds of ADVENT Officers who in turn directed their subordinates allowing for rapid tactical deployment which the Aliens used to put down resistance.

This was until the year 2035 when X-COM resistance forces managed to uncover the facility that was holding the Commander with them staging an assault to rescue him. Once X-COM freed the Commander, his link to their Psionic network was believed to had gone down. However, it was expected that the Alien's had placed contingencies in place to compensate for the loss.

At some point, they had secretly created the Avatar Project that they were developing at their clandestine blacksite facilities.

With the destruction of the Network Tower, ADVENT's response slowed down with them no longer being as unified. This forced the Ethereal Elders to attempt to control their forces with this believed to be placing a great strain on them. In addition, X-COM began to publically reveal over information networks the extent of ADVENT's crimes against mankind and the Alien's true nature. This caused planet wide riots as the citizens began turning against the Aliens and ADVENT in a large scale uprising. In response, ADVENT deployed their forces en masse to put down the rebellions though a number of their own troopers began to surrender due to lacking guidance from the Network Tower. In the mean time, X-COM staged an assault at the Alien base on Earth where they infiltrated the installation through the Psionic Gateway.


With their victory on Earth, the Aliens built an elaborate new society consisting of a government structure and a system of careful manipulation in order to rule the planet. It was this chain of events that led to the creation of ADVENT that became the public face of the Aliens. With the world in their hands, ADVENT was assigned control of the government, communications, industry and the military.

The propaganda from ADVENT was noted to be particularly powerful that it kept the ordinary citizens unaware of the Alien's true sinister nature. This was seen through media reports that promoted the Aliens as being allies to mankind and the production of numerous statues that showed them aiding humanity.

The ADVENT did not consist of pure human collaborators but actually alien-human hybrids with physiological changes made to their tissue along with the addition of a neurochip. Originally, they were once entirely human but had some gradual genetic enhancement made to them without concerns over rejection that normally plague such experiments. The body remained typically human with the more crucial changes made to the cranial structure with them receiving their orders and being controlled directly through a Psionic link engineered as part of the genetic modification process. Their eyes were also noticeably larger that was believed to be an unintended side-effect and provide limited improvements to visual acuity.

Captain with Troopers.

There were numerous types of ADVENT soldiers that included:

  • Trooper : the standard trooper was the most public face of the ADVENT and served as first-response in areas of high public exposure. Their true nature was not known to the public though rumours had persisted for years that they were products of human-alien hybrid development. At one time, they were entirely human but were altered by gradual genetic enhancement with them maintaining an outward appearance of a typical human with the greatest crucial change being to the cranial structure. Troopers were controlled directly through the Psionic link that was engineered as part of the genetic modification process. These Advent possessed noticeably larger eyes that was disguised by cleverly designed armour.
  • Stun Lancer : commonly seen maintaining order and quelling disturbances throughout the world with them being armed with unique stun lances. They were outfitted with the intention of serving as a civilian peacekeeping unit within the city centers. Although they were equipped with weapons capable of administering non-lethal blows, recent reports indicate an increasingly aggressive stance taken by these units.
  • Shieldbearer : similar to other ADVENT forces, they were genetically engineered soldiers that were among the most heavily armored of the conventional alien forces who were heavily reinforced with multiple layers of composite material woven from some variation of the alien alloys.
  • Purifier :
  • Officer : physically larger and more tactically capable than subordinate troopers who had more developed mental acuity that provided tactical directives to ADVENT forces.
  • Priest : careful genetic manipulation caused these hybrids to develop an increased proficiency in wielding psionic energy. This was the result of an unusual synaptic configuration allowing for psionic transduction between otherwise distinct and unrelated cell types throughout the body. These increased pathways for the storage and release of psionic energy allowing them to project control over its enemies in the field and bolster their allies. They could also sustain their own life force through psionic manipulation allowing them to escape death and used their psionic control to issue orders and exert their will in battle.
  • Avatar : a genetically engineered hybrid organism of Human and Ethereal that were designed to be the new physical forms of the Elders with the Avatars possessing vast psionic powers.

For support, they made use of a number of mechanical units that included:

  • MECH : these mechs were entirely robotic entities that lacked pilots and were deployed into combat.
  • Sectopod : large bipedal robotic combat units that served as weapon platforms on the battlefield.

In an effort to combat X-COM, the Aliens dispatched the Chosen to command their military operations. These were Alien Commanders each of whom specialised in a different role and had control of all Alien forces including the ADVENT. Ultimate authority of the ADVENT lay in the hands of the Elders who were the overall leaders of both the Alien forces and this puppet government that they used to enact their plans for mankind.

Their infantry made extensive use of magnetic gauss weaponry that was a superior type of projectile weapon. They had developed Magnetic Weapons that were magnetic projectile dispersion systems. A genetic-verification technology was integrated into the weapons to prevent them from functioning by any species whose DNA who was not pre-encoded. These exerted a lethal force on unauthorised users that attempted to make use of them. Weapons used included:

  • Magnetic Rifle : these were part of the ADVENT's magnetized projectile tech which created rifle-style slugthrowers and were a substantial improvement in power relative to conventional assault rifles.
  • Turrets : ADVENT Turrets made use of Alien advanced automation technology allowing them to be used as security emplacement and were deployed to bolster their peacekeeping forces. They were deployed throughout facilities and security check points.

Their military forces were shielded by a combination of materials with some being more common than others.

ADVENT made of of flying gunship styled transports designed to rapidly deploy their ground troops. They also receive support from the Aliens own craft such as Hunter UFOS that were responsible for downing larger enemy craft.

With their establishment as the world government, ADVENT began creating a number of gene therapy clinics staffed by human scientists. Their military forces gained a variety of genetic enhancements with more senior officers being augmented further that included biomechanical implants. The use of implants was believed to be a means of communication with the alien hierarchy. ADVENT made use of a Psionic link Network that was augmented by mechanical implants. Psionic control was specifically engineered to allow for rapid deployment of tactical information that was drawn directly from the subconscious mind. The hierarchy allowed for the use of tactical knowledge drawn from experienced individuals with this being processed and transmitted to ADVENT Officers who in turn directed their Troopers.

They had established a number of secret research facilities known as blacksites. From their forge facility, they were created large number of Alien modified human troopers that operated in their military forces. A primary facility was the Network Tower that was responsible for linking their forces to one another.

One of the devices that the ADVENT gained from the Aliens was the use of psionic gates that allowed travel across worlds.


  • The Assassin : female Chosen that served the Elders.
  • The Hunter : male Chosen that served the Elders.
  • The Warlock : psionic male Chosen that served the Elders.
  • Speaker : a seemingly human appearing senior member of ADVENT that operated as the spokesperson for the Aliens who promoted a positive image for them to mankind.
  • Betos : a former ADVENT hybrid soldier who was the first to disconnect from the mental control the Elders had over him and he came to lead the Skirmisher resistance group in seeking to free others of his kind.
  • Pratal Mox : a former ADVENT hybrid soldier who disconnected from the mental control of the Elders and joined the Skirmishers where he served with them until he was captured by the Chosen Assassin.


  • ADVENT appeared as the antagonists in the sequel to the rebooted X-COM game.


  • X-COM 2:

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