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APE is an organization that features in Darling in the Franxx.



APE was an organization that was founded at the start of the 21st century following the sudden arrival of the Chairman and his companions. Initially, it was a research organization that was headed by the Seven Sages who had formed the Lamarck Club that was an influential body among governments around the world. In 2025, the members of the Lamarck Club arranged to meet Dr. Franxx about his research in magma energy and cloning. They offered him funding and support in creating new mining technology that involved digging beneath the surface to access magma energy to create a new lost-cost and all-encompassing source of energy. Ultimately, the project was a success and brought about a new period of economic wealth and sped the development of mankind. APE then tasked Dr. Franxx with a project to create human immortality using the new advancements that they had made whereby they were to inject magma energy into the biological system to achieve this feat. After years of research, the project was a success but a consequence of this immortality was that mankind began to lose their reproductive functions. Despite this cost, humanity continued forward with the wealth initially engaging in this practice as they could afford the treatments but it eventually became universally available. This led to 70% of the planetary population becoming immortal through this process by the year 2035


Leadership of the organization was maintained by the 'Seven Sages (七しち賢けん人じん, Shichi Kenjin) who were also known as the Lamarck Club (ラマルク・クラブ, Ramaruku Kurabu) that consisted of the highest members.

In orbit was Cosmos (コソモス, Kosomosu) that was a mobile aerial fortress and headquarters for APE's leadership and Central HQ Council.


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  • APE featured in the setting of the Darling in the Franxx universe.


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