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The Abkani were a Human civilization that featured in the movie Alone in the Dark.


The Abkani were a mysterious Native American civilization that were reported to have disappeared over 10,000 years ago. These people beleived that there were two worlds on this planet, a world of light and a world of darkness. At the time of their decline, they opened a gateway between these worlds. However, before they were able to close it, a terrible evil slipped through into the Human world which remained hidden in the most remote of places. Their artifacts were all that remained which contained terrifying creatures that thrive in darkness and wait for the day the portal opens once more.

Knowledge of this civilization came to the attention of Bureau 713 who's paranormal research attempted to uncover the dark secrets of this dark civilization. They were collected by the archaeologist Lionel Hugdens but after discovering his controversial research, the laboratory was shut down. His dark research involved merging man with Abkani creatures.

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