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Dr. Abraham Cornelius in Marvel Comics Presents v1 #81.

Abraham Cornelius is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Since his return, his financial benefactors funded his research with Cornelius seeking to replicate Weapon X and make it perfect according to his vision. To that end, he had agents gather many test subjects where he conditioned their bodies to accept Adamantium and simply required Logan's healing factor. (Death of Wolverine v1 #4)

After learning that Logan lost his healing factor, Dr. Cornelius ordered Major Sharp to kill him but the combatant accidently shattered the protective glass that served as a barrier for Abraham. He quickly fled but activated the machines in order to pump the Adamantium into the test subjects. Wolverine shattered the containers to save them but ended up coating himself in liquid Adamantium but pursued Cornelius to the roof. Abraham was already wounded from glass shrapnel that penetrated his insides and his helicopter pilot abandoned him where he seemingly died as Wolverine was killed as he was encased in a statue of Adamantium as it hardened around him. (Death of Wolverine v1 #4)


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  • Abraham Cornelius was created by Barry Windsor-Smith where he made his first appearance in Marvel Comics Presents v1 #73 (March 1991).

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In other media


  • In X-Men, the character made a minor appearance in a flashback sequence where he made an appearance in the episode "Repo Man". Cornelius was not seen but was instead the shadowy figure in the control that oversaw the Adamantium bonding process on Wolverine. He was named as Dr. Cornelius by the Professor (Thorton).
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, the character appeared in a supporting antagonistic role in the episode "Past Discretions" where he was voiced by Jim Ward. After learning that Wolverine was near Weapon X's location, he contacted Professor Thorton who gave the order to dispatch Sabretooth to attack Wolverine. He later returned in the episode "Stolen Livs" where he and the Professor tasked Sabretooth and Maverick with the capture of the Mutant Christy Nord.


  • In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the character appeared in a minor role in the movie where he was portrayed by actor David Ritchie. He was shown as being the scientist on the Weapon X Project that operated under William Stryker and bonded the Adamantium to Wolverine.

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  • Marvel Comics Presents: v1 #73 (1991)
  • Wolverine:

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