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Abraham Whistler is a male character that features in Marvel Comics.



Abraham Whistler was a male human born in the modern age. It was known that he was once a happily married man with a beautiful wife along with two daughters. The family lived a normal and comfortable life until one night they came upon a drifter seeking a dinner along with a place to stay before continuing their journey. Whistler agreed to let the man stay but was unaware that the drifter was a vampire. Upon gaining entry, the sadistic being targeted the family and tortured them with him placing a particular focus on Abraham. The vampire forced Abraham to decide which of his family would die with Whistler desperately struggling to stop him but unable to do anything. The torture continued across the night until the dawn when the drifter departed but not before leaving Whistler's family corpses drained of blood whilst Abraham himself was led with a damaged led along with other injuries.


Personality and attributes

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  • Abraham Whistler was an original creation by David S. Goyver for the Blade movies.
  • The character first appeared in the animated Spider-Man cartoon series before making his live-action debut in the movie Blade.

In other media


  • In Spider-Man, Abraham Whistler appeared in a minor role in the episode "Blade the Vampire Hunter" where he was voiced by actor Malcolm McDowell. He was a human who had found the young half-vampire Blade and developed a serum that prevented him from succumbing to his need for blood. Afterwards, Whistler became his partner in fighting Vampires and developed the equipment Blade used in combat. As such, he regularly accompanied Blade when he moved from location to location in order to kill Vampires.
  • In In Blade: The Series, Whistler was referenced in the setting of the live-action television series. It was revealed that the limp that Whistler suffered from was the result of an injury by a young Blade.


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