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The Absolute was a dimension that appeared in the game Dawn of Magic.


The Absolute was the afterlife that was populated by a race of powerful magical entities known as the Higher Beings. They were governed by a high tribunal and suffered a great deal of strife when one of their own, Modo, went on a quest for power. The judgement of the tribunal was to sentence him to be reborn as a mortal on earth. They believed that his twisted soul was incapable of redemption and that it could only be sought in death. Before his judgement, Modo stated that his followers would avenge him.

The Higher Beings would send Modo through the gateway where he was made into a child and setenced to live and die after 100 years. Though he was stripped of his power, his memories remained. After 40 years, he would begin a plot to escape his prison by using mortals and their magic in order to live forever in the Absolute once again.

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