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The Accretia Empire was the name of a species and government that featured in the game RF Online.


The Accretians are a race that were formerly organic beings but merged their brains into mechanical bodies in a quest for perfection. Despite this transformation, the race's self-consciousness remains though individualism is neither promoted or tolerated. After they are created, educated and indoctrinated in the ways of their species; an Accretian is concerned only with the evolution of his society as a whole rather then the needs of the individual. However, ultimately, perfection can only be achieved through individual means.

The natural ways of procreation were long abandoned by the race as they now increase their numbers through cloning. After their first years they are indoctrinated into the ways of the Empire through neurochemical procedures along with education until the point that it is estimated that they can become fully functional members of society. Once this is accomplished, radical surgery is usesd to remove the weak and disposable flesh to the point that they their brains can be interated into machine bodies.

The potential of an Accretian are judged in their early years of their creation with their education and training taking these estimations into consideration. A rigid program is followed with every Accretian given a specific task, one that they are most efficient at accomplish which they typically embrace to the point of perfection.

What is followed is a strictly organized hierarchical ladder with the higher positions being more complex and far-reaching. Despite this structure being imposed on their society, there are no social classes as this would promote segregation that would bring about resentment of the status quo. Such things do not typically occur within Accretian society, at least not typically.

The life expectancy of an Accretian is 300 years with a newborn Accretian happening every year and them reaching adulthood after 5 years once training is complete.

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