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Adam Monroe is a male supervillain that features in the second series of Heroes.



Adam Monrue was a male British human being who lived around the 17th century where he departed his native homeland of Britain for Japan in order to see fortune. Upon landing in Japan, he took the name Takezo Kensei where he became regarded by some as a Japanese hero. He arrived at the village of Ōtsu where the swordsmith crafted a blade for him in exchange for his promise to protect the settlement. However, Kensei had instead allowed the village to be robbed and burnt as he instead sought riches. In 1671, a time travelling Hiro Nakamura arrived at Otsu in Japan just when a man he believed to be Kensei was riding alone against a large number of Japanese warriors as the solar eclipse was occurring. To save the swordsmen, Hiro used his superhuman ability to stop time and teleported the lone warrior along with himself away. However, the man was not really Kensei and ran away after time resumed with the real Takezo Kensei emerging who revealed his true identity as being a man from England. Nakamura who was from the future was raised on stories of the legendary hero Takezo Kensei and was shocked to discover that his idol was more interested in money than in being a hero to the people. Hiro attempted to convince Kensei to save the village of Otsu just as it was caught on fire. At that time, Yaeko the daughter of Otsu's swordsmith had snuck in to steal back the sword that her father had made for Kensei as she blamed him for allowing her home to be destroyed. Despite his attempts, Hiro was unable to convince Kensei to become a hero by himself and thus disguised himself as Kensei in order to disarm twelve bandits. Nakamura had thus fulfilled part of the legend that spoke of stories where Kensei defeated a group of bandits. Yaeko became enamoured with Kensei and this convinced the actual Takezo Kensei to see the value in becoming a legend that was beneficial to him. The bandits later returned where they fired several arrows into Kensei's chest seemingly killing him but he had manifested the evolved power of cellular regeneration allowing him to heal his injuries. A shocked Kensei was surprised to see his wounds heal when he believed he was about to die after Nakamura had removed the arrows from his body.


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  • Adam Monroe was portrayed by actor David Anders.


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