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The Adjustment Bureau is an organization that features in The Adjustment Bureau.



It was said that the Bureau had granted humanity free will at the height of the Roman Empire. However, mankind ended up squandering this gift and brought the Dark Ages upon themselves. As such, the Bureau decided to intervene where they retook control following five centuries of barbarism. Under their guidance, humans managed to create the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and a scientific revolution. It was then decided that free will was to be given once more to humanity in 1910. However, once again, mankind brought ruin to itself leading to World War I, the Great Depression, Fascism, the Holocaust and the Cuban Missile Crisis. As such, the Adjustment Bureau decided to intervene again where they retook control over humans and removed free will from them.


The organization itself was set up with a set hierarchy with the majority consisting of case officers. These agents had been referred to as angels by mankind but were actually entities that were able to live a lot longer than humans. They were tasked with monitoring the world and ensuring humanity followed the plan set out for their existence. This involved ensuring that the fewest ripples were made on the plan which included making certain individuals lose contact with one another. The easiest method to accomplish this feat was by causing telephones to be lost or change the phone number in order to stop contact between such people. In order to aid them in this task, case workers had the ability to sense the decision tree of humans and determine the choices that they faced in everyday life. Whilst this made them appear telepathic, they were not capable of influencing thoughts or reading minds. Instead, they weighed the likely options individuals were going to make and ensured that they stayed on the path that was closest to the plan in a manner that the higher up members of the Bureau approved. Case workers close enough to select humans were able to determine whether the individual was going to go off the plan which allowed the Bureau to prevent the change. To prevent deviations, special authority was needed at times from the Chairman to make recalibrations. This involved freezing key humans and performing the mos subtle changes in the way the person reasoned to make them choose an option closer to the plan. The change did not affect emotion or personality as this was deemed to be too invasive. For reasons unknown, bodies of water blocked the Bureau case workers from sensing the decision tree of a human.

Their authority was meant to span the entire world though the amount of case workers present meant that they lacked the resources to monitor every single human on the planet. For reasons unknown, water had a curious effect on their Bureau workers as it blocked their ability to read a person's decision tree. Furthermore, their existence was a complete secret and that they were not to reveal their nature to humans. Those humans with this knowledge were sworn to ensure their secrecy and should they even unintentionally reveal the existence of the Bureau then agents had automatic authority to reset the offender. The process of reset effectively lobotimised the human who was subjected to the process.


  • Chairman : the supreme authority of the Bureau who made the guiding decisions of the caseworkers to ensure mankind followed the plan. It was a name case workers used but mankind knew him by many other names.
  • Harry :



  • The Adjustment Bureau: (2011)

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