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Aereons are an alien species that feature in X-COM: Interceptor.


Aereons were a genetically engineered race of beings created by the Aliens that had invaded Earth during the First Alien War. Their kind had never been encountered by the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit and were only encountered when mankind had gone into space when they expanded into the Frontier.


This species were believed to had been create to be a genetically engineered group of cyborgs. Their bodies consisted of hundreds of cybernetic implants that encompassed the organic portion of their bodies. These terminated in external connectors that linked directly to build-in interface ports in the cockpits of their alien fighters. As a result, this merger of biology and computer systems gave the Aereon's enhanced piloting capabilities with response times far superior to other pilots. This was a notable advantage for their kind though this was only added to their mental and physical traits that made them better than most other alien pilots. This resulted in this breed of alien being among the most formidable and dangerous opponent faced by human pilots during dogfight engagements. Among their only weaknesses was the fact that they did not appear to hold high psionic abilities.


  • X-COM: Interceptor:

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