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Afterhours was writing the Puerto Rican rapper Nyne. Nyne sing this song several of times, including in the hood. That was Nyne's seven single, This was Nyne's greatest hits of his music career. Nyne name his first album AfterHours as the name of the song.


Nyne hit the remix of Afterhours in the end of the club as Nyne get a lot of fans for the first time ever.

Music video

A music video for the song was directed by Manny. A behind the scenes footagefrom the music video, which features commentary from Nyne and director Manny, was posted at Amalgam Digital's YouTube channel on April 21, 2013. The video premiered on Youtube July 23th, 2013

Track Listing

"Afterhours (Clean)"

"Afterhours (Dirty)" (5:15)

"Afterhours (Instrumental)" (1:33)

"Afterhours (Acapella)" (4:20)

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