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Afterhours is the self-titled debut album of rapper Nyne. It was released on June 15, 2013. Its hit single "Focus" was featured in the hood, later on Nyne hit "Speedbag" in the Junkyard. "See You About Y'all" was featured in the club call Def Jam. The album's six single, "Afterlosing", was released in 2004 and was featured in during the party scene in the Chopshop. "Afterhours" was featured as the ending song for Def Jam Club. He also sing "Let's Drop In" at Central High School.

Track listing

No. Title

1. "Go"

2. "Blood"

3. "Let's Drop In"

4. "Let's Get Dirty"

5. "Focus"

6. "Im going to knock you out"

7. "Let's Do This"

8. "Speedbag"

9. "Take at look at my life"

10. "See You About Y'all"

11. "Afterlosing"

12. "Afterhours"

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