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The Al Bhed are a people that feature in Final Fantasy.



The Al Bhed

Long ago, the Al Bhed were scattered all over Spira following an attack by the followers of Yevon. Under the leadership of Cid, they regrouped on Bikanel Island and built a new city for themselves, called Home.

During the course of Final Fantasy X, the Al Bhed are involved in a plot to kidnap Summoners, ostensibly to protect them by preventing them from completing their pilgrimmage (it was later revealed that Summoners die in the process of calling forth the Final Aeon believed necessary to defeat Sin). Because of this, the Guado attack Home in order to rescue the captured Summoners, and destroy the city in the process. Amidst the chaos, a number of Al Bhed together with the player's party are able to flee Home using the airship that was discovered during the salvage operation shown early in the story.

After the defeat of Sin the Al Bhed expand their exploration of Bikanel Island.


The Al Bhed were an ethnicity rather than a nation or other social group; the children of Al Bhed parents are automatically considered Al Bhed as well. They could be recognized by the green spiral pattern visible on the irises of their eyes.

They are notable for their use of machina that were prohibited by the dominant Yevon religion. The Al Bhed are the only ones to openly reject the teachings of Yevon, especially the ban on machina. For this reason they are often ostracized by the rest of the population, and have been the victims of attacks by Yevonites in the past. However, some Al Bhed have still managed to find acceptance, most notably Rin, who operates a chain of travel agencies throughout the world of Spira. They are even allowed to participate in the Yevon-sponsored Blitzball tournaments. Al Bhed also take a keen interest in the technological past of Spira, organising salvage operations and excavations of ancient technology.

The Al Bhed language that they speak that was actually a cipher and a system of transposing certain letters for others that shared the same syntax and grammar of English.


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  • The Al Bhed featured in the setting of Final Fantasy X.


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